25 January, 2012

Review : Biokos 40's Anti Wrinkle Revitalizing Gel

Hi Guys,
I want to review this wonderful product by Martha Tilaar, Biokos Age Repair Anti Wrinkle Revitalizing Gel. I've been using it for almost 4 months, and i like it. The product is claimed to slow down the early wrinkles, and restore the skin's youthfulness. Age Repair is series of treatments for dry skin types, but the gel works well on my oily skin, and somehow helps to control the sebum while moisturizing the skin. I have fair tone already, so i couldn't tell if it makes my skin whiter, but i noticed that the brown spots caused  by acnes are slightly diminished. I also feel that my make up looks better if i'm using this gel. The only con for me is that, it doesn't help much with the fine lines. 
The product is quite economic, 1 bottle  (30ml) is enough for 2 months. I used to use it twice a day, every morning and night. Lately i only use it at night, because i'm trying another product by Martha Tilaar, the Dermabright Serum as a part of my morning regiment. I will review it later for you guys.

Active Ingredients:
Bio-seaweed extract

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